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The Problem: Power Cuts

We know you are tired of dealing with power cuts. It’s our goal at Back Up Africa to help you resolve this issue.


Our Solutions:

Solar Power Systems

Solar power systems use sunlight to generate DC electricity through solar panels. This electricity is stored in batteries and then converted to AC (230vac) electricity via an inverter. Solar systems allow you to be completely independent of the national electric company and solar panels last for at least 25 years. But they can also be very expensive, especially for people who are accustomed to consuming a lot of electricity. A solar system is normally appropriate where AC grid power from the national electricity company is not available. Your first step is to calculate approximately how much power you need per day. Your cost will be entirely dependent on this number, so we encourage you to work closely with your installer to calculate as accurately as possible. For a list of qualified installers by country, please click here.

Power Backup Systems

A power backup system has the same battery bank and inverter that is used in solar systems, but instead of receiving electricity from solar panels, it is charged by the national electric company (grid) or your generator. When grid power fails, it will automatically switch to battery, keeping electricity flowing to your circuits. And when grid power returns, it will automatically start charging again. Because a backup system does not include solar panels, it is much cheaper. These systems are a good solution where the national electric grid is available at least some of the time. For a list of qualified installers by country, please click here.